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Who we’ve helped

Clients’ stories

Homelessness affects a wide variety of people and anyone can become homeless for many different reasons.  Over the years we have helped people from all walks of life, all with their stories to tell.   Here are just a few, we’d like to share with you…


I found myself homeless and living on the streets, after being in hospital for a while, due to mental health issues and alcohol misuse.  I contacted The Bond Board, who helped me to find a one bed flat that was available immediately.

I was interviewed and accepted for the bond, which was also issued the very same day, with thanks to this organisation, I did not have to go through the trauma of spending another night on the street.

The Bond Board did not stop there.  They continued with their on-going support, including: advising me and helping me to apply for housing benefit, liaised with the landlord to provide me with new carpets, making my flat more homely and referred me to a floating support service, which meant I could continue receiving support.

With thanks to The Bond Board, I am now getting help from the crisis for my mental health and alcohol issues and I am settling into my new property.

Thanks Bond Board!


I met and fell in love with a man.  I thought he would take me and my daughter on, but after we moved in with him, I felt that he hated my daughter.  It wasn’t an easy decision, deciding whether to make myself and my daughter homeless.  It was a decision I had to take because my daughter must come first.

He owned everything in the property.  So when we left, we left with the clothes that we were stood up in and a few bits and bobs.  That was it!  I had nowhere really to go, with no money and no job.  We had to physically start again from complete scratch.  That was one of the worst challenges I’ve ever faced in my life!

I went to the homeless section and told them about my circumstances.  They helped me look for accommodation and also gave me the number for The Bond Board.  Fortunately for me and my daughter, we were accepted for a bond.  I found they were a marvellous help and so were the homeless section.  I couldn’t have done it without any of them!

The Bond Board helped me from the very first meeting I had with them.  They pay your bond on a house, tell you where there are furniture shops and grants you can get.  The work that they do just gives you a way forward and makes you feel a lot better in yourself and makes you stronger to get through it.

Things are looking up.  I’ve actually got a home for me and my daughter, that I can call my own.  My daughter is so happy now and my next step is to go back to the work that I loved!