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Welcome the The Bond Board

Here at The Bond Board, we know that letting out your property can be both a risky business and a legal minefield. We’ve been supporting local landlords and Letting Agents to successfully set up and manage tenancies since 1993. We currently have 190  landlords and Letting Agents benefitting from our range of free services. We can suggest tenants when your property is empty, offer a written Bond Guarantee to cover you for rent arrears, damage and theft, support you and your tenant throughout the lifetime of the tenancy and provide a straight forward Bond Claim process should thing go wrong. We’ve got it covered and are here to support you every step of the way.

Landlord Benefits-What our range of free services can do for you

Bond Guarantees

Get a written Bond Guarantee, instead of a cash bond, which lasts until the tenancy ends. We currently have  609 private tenants with a Bond Guarantee from The Bond Board. It works in exactly the same way as a cash bond by covering an amount for rent arrears, damage and abandonment. We save you time and money by removing the requirement to register with a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. A locally handled, straightforward claims process at the end of the tenancy should things go wrong. Most of our tenants leave the property without the landlord needing to claim against the Bond Guarantee.


 The claims I have had to make against the bond guarantee at the end of a tenancy have been agreed with little disagreement and payments made in an efficient and timely manner’. Bond Board Landlord

A ready supply of tenants and landlord support

Get 1-1 advice and support for all your letting and tenancy related issues and a ready supply of potential tenants (singles, couples, sharers and families) who have been risk assessed and deemed ‘tenancy ready’- supporting you to find a tenant you are happy to let to and reducing costly void periods. Use The Bond Board to act as a mediator between you and the tenant if things go wrong or your relationship with your tenant breaks down.


 ‘The Bond Board provides tenancy support as and when required….this assists tenants in maintaining their tenancies more effectively, leading to less problem tenancies, damage and rent arrears, so it makes my business more profitable’. Bond Board Landlord

Easier access to information from Housing Benefit and the DWP

Let us to do the leg work by using our relationship with the Council and DWP to get you information about the status of Housing Benefit/Universal Credit claims.


 ‘‘A working relationship with local housing officers enables my business to run more smoothly’. Bond Board Landlord

Timely support for tenants to help make your tenancy a success

Let us know if your tenant is not meeting their obligations. We can provide 1-1 support for tenants having problems, e.g. rent arrears, benefit issues, damage to the property and anti-social behaviour. We will do everything we can to make your tenancy successful. Minimise the risk of abandonment. We will settle your tenant into the property, ensuring they have the furniture and white goods they need and support them to register and set up utility/Council Tax accounts.  Let us support you when there is a change in a tenant’s circumstances. This can be a high risk time for landlords, with tenants moving in or out of work or having benefits suspended/stopped. We deal with these issues routinely and can support you and your tenant to resolve issues early before they escalate and cause rent arrears.


In 2018/19, The Bond Board helped  1250 households. We resolved benefit problems, supported tenants to budget their money and pay their rent, manage their health problems and reduce fuel and food poverty, amongst others.

Support with getting all the paperwork completed  and ensuring successful Housing Benefit/Housing Costs claims

Have a Bond Board staff member present at the sign-up of the tenancy to ensure all necessary paperwork is completed by both tenant and landlord and a successful claim for Housing Benefit/Housing Costs is made. In most cases, get housing benefit/universal credit paid directly to you from the start of the tenancy. If tenants are being paid directly and get into arrears,let us take the strain by working with the tenant and Housing Benefit/DWP to revert both future payments and in some cases, an amount towards the arrears as well, directly to you. Take the uncertainty out of rent payment amounts from Housing Benefit/Universal Credit. We can advise you how much rent a tenant would receive for your property before you decide to let it to them.


In 2018/19 The Bond Board supported tenants to claim over ££1,659,681.96 in benefit and grant entitlements. The majority of this amount was the result of successful Housing Benefit/Housing Cost claims.

Option for The Bond Board to manage the property for you

If you are considering renting to sharers, we could offer you a Property Management Service via our Letting Out Service

Keeping you up to date and informed

Practical help and advice to ensure you meet your legal obligations when setting up and managing a tenancy.  Stay informed about regeneration and accreditation initiatives, meet key services such as Housing Benefit and network with other landlords.

 What we ask in return

 We ask that you;

  • Act responsibly and reasonably and within all the legal requirements related to the letting and managing of tenancies provide a written tenancy agreement
  •  Keep accurate and up-to-date rent account records
  •  Are a non-resident landlord
  •  Have no prior history of illegal eviction, harassment or conduct which would make us concerned about your suitability to work with us
  •  Contact as soon as possible if there is a problem between you and your tenant, which you have not been able to resolve. The earlier we know about a problem, the more likely it is we can support you and the tenant to resolve it.

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