Letting Out

What is Letting Out?

Letting Out is part of The Bond Board. We manage properties on behalf of landlords, just like an Estate Agent does. Letting Out helps to find housing for people who are homeless including those who are single and under 35 who might not be able to afford to rent on their own. You will still get a Bond Guarantee, but the Bond Board manages the tenancy, so you come to us if you have any problems, such as repairs.

Find answers to common questions about Letting Out below.

From my very first interview to my most recent appointment, the team members that have dealt with me have been fantastic. Even staff that weren’t appointed to me were brilliant. Thanks to all the team.

Applying for a Bond Guarantee

To be considered for a Letting Out property, you will first need to apply for a Bond Guarantee. You can apply for a Bond Guarantee if you can say ‘yes’ to all of these four questions:

  • Are you 18 years old or older?
  • Are you currently homeless or due to become homeless?
  • Are you claiming benefits, or on a low income and getting benefits to help with your rent?
  • Do you have a ‘local connection’ to Rochdale or Bolton?

A local connection includes:

  •  Living and being settled in the area for at least 6 months or 3 years out of the last 5.
  • Working in the area or having close family members in the area.

Find out more about Letting Out below and more about applying for a Bond Guarantee HERE


Frequently asked questions

How do I apply to Letting Out?

You don’t need to apply directly to Letting Out. If you apply and are accepted for a Bond Guarantee, then you automatically qualify for Letting Out so you can ask what properties may be available then. We will tell you about any available properties with Letting Out properties that match what you need, for example properties of the right size in the area you want.

Who would be my landlord?

Letting Out manage the property on behalf of the property owner, meaning you will only be dealing with Bond Board staff about everything to do with the tenancy. You may never meet the owner themselves.

What is the difference between Letting Out and a high street Letting Agent?

There is no difference, other than this is a simpler way to get a private rented tenancy. You will still get written Bond Guarantee from The Bond Board and instead of contacting the landlord or Letting Agent about rent, repairs or other issues, you will contact The Bond Board instead.

Do I have to pay any rent in advance or fees?

No there is no rent in advance or fees to pay.

Who will be in charge of my property?

A dedicated member of staff from the Letting Out team will deal with your property, meaning you see the same member of staff for viewings, sign-ups, inspections and to speak to or meet in the office.

How long will my tenancy be for?

As per most Private Rented landlords, you would receive an Assured Shorthold Tenancy for 6 months which would then turn into a periodic tenancy after this point. Letting Out only works if we have long term tenants and all the owners we work with want long-term tenancies so ultimately the property is yours as long as you want provided it is well looked after and rent is kept up-to date!

Will I get help with my forms and documents?

Absolutely! At sign-up you will receive all tenancy and legal documents and assistance to make a claim for your rental costs if needed, including Universal Credit or Housing Benefit. You will get a tenancy agreement, full inventory, Gas Safety Certificate, Energy Performance Certificate, How to Rent checklist and all appropriate contact details at sign-up.

What do I have to do once I’m in a property with Letting Out?

We ask that you look after your home, report any repairs that need doing to us and make sure the rent is paid, the same as in any property. We do complete regular inspections to make sure the property is being looked after, which we will tell you about in advance.

Can I get other support when I’m in a Letting Out property?

Yes. Find more information about what we can help you with HERE.

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