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Being a landlord can be a daunting experience, whether you’re a novice or have years of experience. Finding the right tenant, all the management responsibilities and dealing with the numerous issues created during a tenancy does make it important to prepare for the path ahead. By using a Social Letting Agency such as Letting Out we take on those challenges whilst also making best use of your property. Letting Out is our own housing management scheme whereby The Bond Board manages the property on your behalf.

In the beginning, I was a little bit apprehensive of becoming a landlord, not knowing exactly what it involved and what I had to do, but with my knowledge of The Bond Board, it was cooked very easily because they took over all the little problems I might have had and it was all resolved by them

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The Bond Board's award winning Property Management Service

  • We’ve been advising and supporting Landlords in Greater Manchester on all aspects of private renting for 30 years.
  • We currently manage 112 properties across Greater Manchester on behalf of landlords.
  • Solve your rental problems with a large range of potential tenants to choose from.
  •  71% of tenants of tenants in properties managed by The Bond Board are long-term tenants.
  • Landlords can save money with a Free Bond Guarantee for all tenants.
  • Landlords get free, exclusive landlord incentives, not available elsewhere, including a Gas Safety Certificate.
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Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our Property Management Service

What services do you provide?

  • Letting Out completes all aspects of housing management as per a high street Agent including the following:
  • Ethical business approach
  • Fully trained, professional staff with years of experience of working in the private rented sector
  • Rents set at appropriate rates for the local market
  • Rent collection
  • A comprehensive inventory with photographs
  • Copies of all legal documents sent to an owner
  • Full comprehensive sign-up ensuring all legal certificates and documents are provided
  • Regular property inspections
  • Liaison with Council Tax and all utility companies when establishing and starting a tenancy
  • Management of all repairs and refurbishments
  • Specialist help and advice on all landlord matters
  • Arranging for any repairs with contractors
  • Direct access to any appropriate funding streams, from either a local or national perspective towards property improvements
  • Legal costs if needed to end tenancies
  • Floating support for tenants

What fees do you charge?

As we are a charity all our activities fall under a social enterprise model meaning we are not for profit and independently audited. Therefore our management fee is a straight 10% of the rent but there are no other fees or costs, meaning the property only works for The Bond Board if we put a suitable long term tenant in paying the rent! Exactly as you would want yourself.

Do you offer any incentives?

Yes! We have a range of potential incentives to save landlords time and money, such as Gas Safety and Energy Performance Certificates, free training, empty property loans and more! See HERE for further information.

What standard does my property need to be in before letting?

We inspect all properties before agreeing to manage them and all properties that we let need to meet the Decent Homes Standard. This means they will be safe, in good repair and are structurally sound. The property should be of basic decoration, we recommend plain colours, and have suitable floor coverings (i.e. carpets in main rooms and easily-wipe, non-slip vinyl in kitchens and bathrooms). Curtains, blinds, lampshades, bulbs and garden tools (where appropriate) will also be required.

Do I get to meet the tenant?

You can be as hands-on as you wish, we have some owners who live abroad and some owners who like to come to some of the inspections to make sure the property is being kept suitably. As Managing Agent, we liaise with the tenant over access so as to avoid owners breaching any legal obligations over harassment by going to the property without notice or at inappropriate times.

How often do you inspect my property?

Internal inspections will be carried out during the first month, after three months, six months and then every three months until the tenancy ends. Notes and photographs if required will be taken with variations and defects noted. Anything that requires any attention will be reported back to the landlord.

Who organises the repairs?

Repairs may be required during the period of management. Letting Out are able to arrange repairs on your behalf and will agree in advance the level of responsibility and costs you wish us to have in arranging for repairs. We do know some landlords may wish to either carry out maintenance themselves or prefer a particular trades person to work on the property. We will be pleased to instruct them on your behalf provided they are available and reliable.  Where Letting Out have to arrange repairs, we will discuss this with you before going ahead with the work.

Where there is an emergency however, we may have to arrange the repair immediately to prevent any harm or further damage. For out-of-hours emergency repairs, we have contractors who act as decision makers on whether work is an emergency if a landlord wishes us to act as out-of-hours emergency contractors.

Who will be my tenant?

Letting Out is a Bond Board project and we have large waiting lists of clients who are looking for accommodation in the private rented sector who are either homeless or threatened with such. Homelessness can be through a number of reasons and we will look to ensure we correctly match the tenant to the property; after all it is in Letting Out’s best interests to keep the property tenanted. All households are interviewed and assessed to assess suitability to ensure the right tenant for the right property. If you wish to meet the tenant this can be arranged however Letting Out would have ultimate veto.

How long would the tenancy be for?

All households will be offered an Assured Shorthold Tenancy for 6 months unless otherwise agreed between all parties.

What happens when the tenancy ends?

When the tenancy ends, the property will be inspected to check it’s condition.  It may not be in exactly the same condition as you let it out. Depending on the length of the tenancy, decorations, carpets and fixtures may have deteriorated. You are protected by a deposit guarantee as if you were managing it yourself and taken a cash bond which we can either provide to you or to pay for contractors to complete the necessary works.

How much deposit is covered by the written guarantee?

Usually this up to one month’s rental amount unless otherwise agreed with the Letting Out worker.

How much rent will I get?

The majority of clients accessing The Bond Board claim Housing Benefit or Universal Credit to meet their housing costs. We use Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates a guide for market rents. Due to this we can only work with properties that are affordable, so if you’re looking at a higher level of rent, we may not be able to rent your property.

Rent is set at the beginning of the tenancy and the LHA rate which applies for that location and size. There is a one year review of LHA for all tenants and that may alter the rental level however you will be notified in advance of any potential changes to the LHA levels.

How we help solve problems for landlords.

Empty Property?

Do you have an empty property or a property becoming available soon? Contact us to find a range of new potential tenants and free landlord incentives to save you time and money.