Bond Guarantees

What is a Bond Guarantee?

A Bond Guarantee is a written contract signed by the tenant, the landlord and The Bond Board at the start of a tenancy. The contract promises that if the tenant leaves owing rent, has damaged the property or removed items belonging to the landlord, The Bond Board will pay the landlord up to a set amount at the end of the tenancy. There are currently over 600 formerly homeless households living in a private rented property with a Bond Guarantee provided by us.

I feel I was given good advice and help with obtaining my flat. Without The Bond Board support, I feel I would have struggled. I would recommend any homeless people out there, go to the Bond Board. There’s help there.

How it works

The Bond Board provides landlords and Letting Agents with a Bond Guarantee instead of asking tenants to pay a cash deposit.

If we are able to offer you a Bond Guarantee, we can give you help looking for a suitable property and talk to landlords for you about accepting a Bond Guarantee.

You can apply for a Bond Guarantee if you can say yes to all four of these questions:

  • Are you 18 years old or older?
  • Are you currently homeless or due to become homeless?
  • Are you claiming benefits, or are you on a low income and getting benefits to help with your rent?
  • Do you have a ‘local connection’ to Rochdale or Bolton?

A local connection includes:

  • living and being settled in the area for at least 6 months or 3 years out of the last 5.
  • working in the area or having close family members in the area.

Bond Guarantees during Covid 19

Unfortunately, our offices are currently closed and we are only able to offer a limited Bond Guarantee service during Covid 19.


  • You can only apply for a Bond Guarantee if you have been living in one of the Bolton homeless hostels for 6 weeks or more or
  • If you had already been accepted for a Bond Guarantee before Covid 19 and you  have found a potential property to move into, please Contact us


  • You will need to contact Rochdale Boroughwide Housing’s Homeless department in the first instance. They will assess your circumstances and may refer you to The Bond Board for a Bond Guarantee if they think that is the best housing option for you. Find their contact details HERE

Once you have applied for a Bond Guarantee, we will:

  • contact you to arrange an appointment as soon as we can.
  • discuss your circumstances with you and give you advice about your housing options.
  • usually, give you a decision about offering you a Bond Guarantee at your appointment.

Sometimes, we need your permission to get more information from other people or organisations about your application before we can give you a decision.


Mary's homeless story

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