What is a Bond Guarantee?

A Bond Guarantee works to protect you in exactly the same way as a cash bond by covering an amount in case of rent arrears, damage, theft and abandonment at the end of the tenancy. It’s completely free and there’s no requirement to register with a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme, saving you time and money. During the tenancy, you can also get free specialist support and advice from The Bond Board to quickly and effectively deal with any issues that arise.

The claims I have had to make against the bond guarantee at the end of a tenancy have been agreed with little disagreement and payments made in an efficient and timely manner.


  • We’ve been advising and supporting Landlords and Letting Agents in Greater Manchester on all aspects of private renting for over 25 years.
  • Over 150 Landlords and Letting Agents currently benefit from free Bond Guarantees and support from The Bond Board.
  •  590 tenants currently live in a property with a free Bond Guarantee.
  •  89% of tenants supported by The Bond Board’s ‘Making The Link’ support service successfully maintain their tenancies.
  •  We’ve helped tenants to claim £1.8 million pounds in benefits this year to help pay their rent.
  •  We have a large selection of potential tenants in need of a home for landlords to choose from.
  •  Easy, no quibble process if you need to make a claim against a Bond Guarantee.
  • We can also offer you free landlord incentives to save you time and money. See HERE for further information.


Contact us to find new tenants and receive free landlord incentives to save you time and money.

Frequently asked questions about The Bond Guarantee

How much does it cost to get a Bond Guarantee?

Nothing! You don’t get much for free these days, but The Bond Guarantee scheme is completely free for both landlords and tenants.

Do you offer landlord incentives?

Yes! We have a range of incentives which could include:

  • Help with the costs of Gas Safety Certificates and Energy Performance Certificates
  • Empty property loans
  • Landlord association membership
  • And much more!

Click here for further information.

Who pays for the Bond Guarantee?

The Bond Board is a registered charity that receives funding from a wide range of organisations. Funding comes from local Councils who have a duty to help homeless households, and from grants and trust funds like The Lottery Community Fund and The Lloyds Foundation.

How much is the Bond Guarantee worth?

The amount varies depending on the number of people moving in and the amount of monthly rent being charged but is always agreed with you in advance. You remain in control and can decide if you are happy to go ahead.

Do I have to register a Bond Guarantee with a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme?

No. Written Bond Guarantees save you time and money as they do not have to be registered. You only have to use the Tenancy Deposit Scheme if you take a cash bond from a tenant.

Which tenants can get a Bond Guarantee?

Any household can get a Bond Guarantee, including single people, couples, families and sharers but to be eligible, they must:

  • Be on a low income.
  • Currently homeless or threatened with homelessness which cannot be prevented.
  • Have a local connection to the area, for example because they already live or work here or have close family members in the area.

We receive many referrals each week and have a ready supply of potential tenants looking for a new home. You will not need to spend money advertising your property if you rent it through us.

Do you do any checks on potential tenants?

Yes. All potential tenants applying to The Bond Board for a Bond Guarantee must complete an application form and attend a comprehensive assessment appointment to discuss their circumstances and housing history.

Our goal is to create sustainable tenancies so we assess:

  • If the client will manage a tenancy successfully
  • The chances of claim being made on the Bond Guarantee at a later date

We encourage landlords to carry out their own checks on tenants as well, so that you are also satisfied that any risks have been minimised.

There is no obligation to let to a tenant we have suggested so you always remain in control.

Can I get a Bond Guarantee if I have found my own tenant?

Possibly. If your potential tenants are homeless/threatened with homelessness and on a low income they may be eligible to apply for a Bond Guarantee. However, you should contact us before moving them in or signing a tenancy agreement with them, as we are unlikely to provide a Bond Guarantee after someone has moved in.

If you are bringing a tenancy to an end and your tenant may be threatened with homelessness as a result, please pass on our details. We have a range of free support services in addition to the Bond Guarantee that might help them.

What do you expect of my property?

We expect your property to be of a decent standard, in a good state of repair, free from hazards and meeting legal requirements in respect of property standards. Before issuing a Bond, we will require:

  • A copy of your current Gas Safety Certificate and Energy Performance Certificate
  • Confirmation of working smoke alarms
  • An inventory of fixtures and fittings


  • We encourage landlords to supply Carbon Monoxide detectors, regardless of whether they are legally required
  • Any furniture provided must comply with fire safety regulations (1998)
  • Where the property is a licensable House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), we will check with the Local Authority that the property is fully licensed

Do I still manage the property when I have accepted a Bond Guarantee?

Yes. The Bond Board will provide the Bond Guarantee and support both you and your tenant throughout the lifetime of the tenancy. You remain in control, managing all aspects of the tenancy as usual.

However, we can offer you a full, award-winning, property management service, saving you time and hassle. Letting Out can find tenants, manage your rent account, deal with repair issues and much more.

Click HERE for more information about our Property Management Service-‘Letting Out’. Links to landlords-Property Management Service.

How long does the Bond Guarantee last?

The initial Bond Guarantee lasts for 12 months and will be renewed every 12 months upon receipt of an up to date Gas Safety Certificate.

Are there any limits on how much rent can I charge?

It’s up to you how much rent you charge but we recommend you charge no more than the local housing allowance amount for your property’s location and number of bedrooms. We can advise you on this amount and tell you in advance how much help with housing costs a potential tenant would be entitled to.

We check people’s incomes and will provide a Bond Guarantee if we assess the rent is affordable for the potential tenant. We will not provide a Bond Guarantee if we think they are unable to afford the rent.

Does the Bond Board guarantee all the rent?

No. The Bond Board’s Bond Guarantee covers an amount which you can claim against at the end of the tenancy. It works in the same way as a cash deposit and does not guarantee the rent throughout the tenancy. However, if you do have a tenant who is in rent arrears, we can offer support to both tenants and landlords to help resolve the situation.

How do I claim against a Bond Guarantee?

Complete a simple claim form within 21 days of the end of the tenancy. For rent arrears, we would need a copy of your rent account. For damage and theft, we ask for a photo. Where replacement items or specific costs have been paid out, we ask for an invoice or receipt. We aim to make the process as straightforward and quick as possible so you can move on and get your property re-let as soon as possible.

What if my claim at the end of the tenancy is more than the value of the Bond Guarantee?

Just like a cash deposit, there is a financial limit on the value of the Bond Guarantee. Any losses above the value of the Bond Guarantee would need to be recovered in the same way as a cash bond. You would need to make an agreement with the tenant to repay additional costs owed and if this was not successful, pursue your rights further via the Small Claims Court.

Can I use the Bond Guarantee scheme on more than one property?

You can use the Bond Guarantee scheme for the same property again and for as many other properties as you like. Many landlords have multiple tenancies with a Bond Guarantee from The Bond Board.

Can I still use the Bond Guarantee scheme if I have made a claim against a Bond Guarantee?

Making a claim against a Bond Guarantee does not stop you from using the Bond Guarantee scheme again.

Can The Bond Board support me in other ways?

Absolutely! We have a range of free support services for landlords and tenants, all designed to make to take the stress out of renting and to make your tenancy a success. For information about the range of free services available to Landlords and Agents, please click here.

The Bond Board provides tenancy support as and when required. This assists tenants in maintaining their tenancies more effectively, leading to less problem tenancies, damage and rent arrears, so it makes my business more profitable.

How we help solve problems for landlords.

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