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Our mission statement

     The BOND BOARD STRATEGY 2017-2019     

OUR VISION:  A safe, accessible,  just and sustainable private rented housing sector for people on low incomes.    

OUR MISSION: To alleviate the problems of sustainability, standards and access to the private rented sector amongst people on low incomes and state benefits who are threatened with losing their homes, homeless or inadequately housed in the North West of England.


Access to housing: That people, especially the vulnerable, are able to access housing in the private rented sector.

Maintaining homes: That people are able to maintain and manage their tenancies.

Life Skills: That people develop skills to live independently and have greater control.

Life Opportunities: That people’s life opportunities are increased.

Influence: That local and regional housing policy reflects the needs of the most vulnerable.

For further information about how we contribute to achieving these outcomes and the full version of our Bond Board strategy 2017-2019, please see:  The Bond Board Strategy 2016-18 & Service Map



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