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Being a landlord can be a costly business. Paying for legally required safety certificates and managing empty properties are just a couple of examples of how profits can quickly disappear. As well as the Bond Guarantee, The Bond Board offers a wide range money and time saving incentives for landlords working with The Bond Board, along with free training and events. Let us take some of the strain and support you and your rental business to thrive.

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  • Free Bond Guarantees, with no requirement to register with the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme.
  • Potential help with the costs of safety certificates, e.g Gas and Energy Performance Certificates.
  • Free one year membership to the North West Landlord’s Association when accepting a Bond Guarantee for a property for the first time.
  • The option of a full Property Management Service, for a competitive monthly fee.
  • Empty Property loans.
  • Flexible tenancy scheme, offering larger Bond Guarantee amount.
  • Specialist, free training including rent arrears and Universal Credit.
  • Outreach support, training and tenancy troubleshooting for Letting Agents

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Written deposit guarantee

We provide a written Bond Guarantee, instead of a cash bond, which lasts until the tenancy ends. Working in exactly the same way as a cash bond by covering an amount for rent arrears, damage and abandonment, we save you time and money by removing the requirement to register with a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. A locally handled, straightforward claims process at the end of the tenancy should things go wrong. Find out more about the Bond Guarantee HERE


Gas Safety Certificate

We can help with a Gas Safety Certificate, saving you money and ensuring your property is safe and free from gas hazards.

Energy Performance Certificate

Every property needs to have an Energy Performance Certificate and from April 2020 this needs to be rated E or above. If yours has expired, your property has had energy efficiency works done since the last certificate or needs a new one completely, we can save you money by providing this free of charge.

One year membership to North West Landlord Association

For some landlords a local network of support, events, training and advice is invaluable when facing some of the tough issues of being a landlord. We can offer you a one year membership to the NWLA when using a property for the first time (Landlords would have to renew for subsequent years).

Property Management Service via our Letting Out scheme

Letting Out offers a full housing management service to landlords in exchange for a monthly management fee. We take on the challenges of being a landlord on your behalf, from rent collection to repairs, so you can relax and get on with other things. For details of our Property Management Service click HERE.

Empty Property Loan

Are you losing money due to having an empty property? If your property has been empty for 3 months or more and needs refurbishment we can provide a loan of up-to £5000 towards works. We then recoup this out of the rent once the property is let for up-to 24 months. Get your property let again so you have a regular income, equity growth in the property and no council tax liability. To date 74 empty properties have been bought back into use as successful rentals through our initiatives.

Flexi-Tenancy scheme

If you and your tenant agree to a longer tenancy than the usual 6 months, we can provide higher value bond guarantees to reflect the commitment on a longer tenancy. This gives landlords more security should they need to make a claim at the end of the tenancy.

Specialist Universal Credit training

With welfare benefit changes potentially having an impact on your business and investment, The Bond Board provides free training on how to be best prepared for Universal Credit. Covering what you can do to ensure there are no payment issues from sign-up, how to get rent paid directly from day one and how to manage rent arrears. Sign up HERE for our landlord newsletter to keep up to date with training and events that could support your rental business to thrive.

Bespoke in-house support to Letting Agents

Though our PRS Navigator work we can provide outreach work to your tenants on low incomes, helping resolve any issues relating to welfare benefits especially around Universal Credit and Housing Benefit. We can also come to you to provide support and training about notices, tenancies, welfare benefits, management standards and housing law. This is a great opportunity for Letting Agents large and small to grow the skills and knowledge of your staff team and enhance tenancy management practices to ensure you deliver the best service for tenants and property owners. Contact us for a confidential, no obligation discussion about how we can support your rental business to thrive.

Empty Property?

Do you have an empty property or a property becoming available soon? Contact us to find a range of new potential tenants and free landlord incentives to save you time and money’

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