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Welcome to The Bond Board

Are you living in private rented property in Rochdale or Bolton?

In 2018/19, The Bond Board supported 1250 homeless people and those living in private rented tenancies in Bolton and Rochdale. We helped with housing, benefits, rent arrears, debts, budgeting, problems with landlords, fuel and food problems, form filling, applying for furniture and grants and much more. If  you’re wondering what The Bond Board can do for you, the answer is lots! You don’t need to have a Bond Guarantee from us to use our services.

 ‘I have found they were a marvellous help. I couldn’t have done it without any of them’. Bond Board Service User.



          Here are some of the things we can do to help YOU.

-If you are homeless, find out your housing options and apply for a Bond Guarantee for a private rented property from our Bond Guarantee and tenant/landlord support service

-Find landlords with properties available for people accepted for a Bond Guarantee here

-Get 1-1 support with stuff like getting furniture, sorting out bills, managing debts, dealing with benefit problems and much more from our Making the Link Support Service

-If you are homeless and can’t afford to live on your own, apply to move into shared accommodation with a friend or family member and get 1-1 support from our Letting Out Service 

-Have a brew, get information and advice about money problems, benefits, finding somewhere to live and loads more whilst meeting other people in similar situations.  You can even get freebies, such as food parcels and low energy saving equipment at our Quids In coffee mornings

-Having problems with your landlord? Not sure where you stand? Find out in our  Top Tips for private renting guide.

-Get advice about where you stand with the Benefit Cap. Find further information about the Benefit Cap  here

-Find further information about our HARP Project. In partnership with Petrus Rochdale, we can help you with:

- Instant help and support when you are in crisis, such as literally homeless, or without money and food.

-1-1, specialist advice about all your benefit problems. We know that benefit problems like sanctions, benefits being suspended, overpayments, appeals can all seriously effect your wellbeing. Our new worker will be helping you to sort your benefit problems out and will  go to appeal hearings with you.

-Share your experiences and work to find out what it’s like for others to be homeless or struggling to get by becoming one of our Sustainable Livelihood Peer Researchers.



‘So when we left, we left with the clothes that we were stood up in and a few bits and bobs. That was it!  I had nowhere really to go, with no money and no job.  We had to physically start again from complete scratch.  That was one of the worst challenges I’ve ever faced in my life! The Bond Board helped me from the very first meeting I had with them. Things are looking up.  I’ve actually got a home for me and my daughter, that I can call my own, with all my own furniture.  I feel so settled, so much more confident in being on my own with my daughter, which I never thought I would ever get that back.  My daughter is a totally different child.  She is so happy now’. Bond Board Service User.

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