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Journeys to the Bond Board

Here are a few case studies to give you an insight into the lives of some of the people who we’ve helped house with a bond.

Single male in Rochdale

  • Homeless and sleeping rough due to a house fire in his private rented tenancy. Property left uninhabitable and he lost all his possessions and furniture.
  • Referred to The Bond Board by the homelessness department. He was interviewed and accepted by The Bond Board within 3 days.
  • Housed by The Bond Board with a Bond Guarantee the day after the appointment and supported to apply for Housing and Council Tax Benefit successfully.
  • Provided with additional home visit support from The Bond Board’s Making The Link Service to support him to set-up a new home and acquire furniture/belongings.

Single parent with 4 children

  • Was living in private rented accommodation but received a Bailiff’s Warrant for eviction. The family had nowhere else to go and it was looking likely the Council would have to find and fund homeless temporary accommodation for the family.
  • The Bond Board worked with the family to find suitable properties before the eviction took effect and successfully housed the family into a new private rented tenancy with a Bond Guarantee before the Bailiff’s were due to come.
  • Our Making The Link service provided on-going support to the family to try to ensure that the tenancy is successful.

Single male

  • Was living in a bedsit in a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), along with several other residents in separate bedsits.
  • Some of the residents contacted the homeless department because of concerns about the condition of the property, which was in a state of disrepair and damp. There were also concerns about the landlord’s behaviour with tenants.  The Council’s Private Sector Housing Team was notified and planned an unannounced visit to the property to assess the situation further.
  • There was concern that there may be repercussions from the landlord towards Mr X for reporting the situation as well as concerns about Mr X’s health, as he had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and the damp was making his condition worse.
  • The Bond Board successfully housed Mr X with a Bond Guarantee in a new tenancy – a one bedroom self-contained house via a local, accredited Letting Agency.  The property has double glazing and central heating and is in a good state of repair, as well as being affordable.

Single male in Bolton

  • Street homeless, after being discharged from a stay in hospital due to mental health issues and alcohol misuse.
  • Was referred to the Bond Board by another agency that helped to find him a landlord with a one bed flat available.
  • Interviewed and accepted for the bond.
  • Supported him to claim housing benefit, liaison with the landlord to provide new carpets and referred to a floating support service, so he could continue to receive support.  He also now has support from the alcohol team and the crisis team and he is settling into his new property.

Single Male Bolton

  • After spending 4 month sleeping in a cemetery, this client came to the Bond Board.
  • He suffered from anxiety and depression, alcohol and drug dependency, made worse by his situation.
  • He was interviewed accepted for a bond, supported to find a landlord and moved into a property 3 days later.
  • Continued support from the Bond Board with Housing Benefit claim and given a starter pack containing toiletries and a few household items to help him settle into his new property.
  • His health has improved and he is now a regular visitor to the Bond Board to give us updates.

Single parent

  • Living in temporary accommodation after fleeing domestic violence.  Interviewed and accepted for a bond after non priority decision given.
  • Property found with a landlord that uses the Bond Board on a regular basis, client gave 4 week notice to hostel and moved successfully into her own property with her daughter.
  • Continues to receive support from the domestic violence team, to ensure her safety.